Garage Saved......

Garage Saved….When I was a teenager I loved to have fun. Unfortunately, my kind of fun involved drugs, alcohol and other activities that were, let’s say, unpleasing. I was heading down a path that was destructive to me and concerning to others. As I approached high school graduation, I began to consider my future. Through that reflection, the military seemed to be my only way out, the only way to begin new. As the time for me to leave for the military got closer, I began to doubt my decision, started to question whether or not I could do this. Then one day I was home alone and there was a knock at the door. Two finely dressed men were standing there, immediately I regretted answering the knock. What happened next would change my life forever, although at that time I never knew how much. In the middle of the garage, these two men asked this question, “Do you know God”? As a teenager, I knew everything, right? So of course I told them sure, I knew who God was. Then they asked again, “Do you really know God, do you know him as your savior”. As they continued to talk to me about God that day, I realized I did not know God. They asked, if I wanted to invite God into my heart, if I wanted to be renewed, born again and right there in the middle of our garage a young teenager invited God into his heart, asked to be forgiven and was forever saved. I am certain that I had no idea what just happened. I do know that I became less concerned about leaving for the military. I started taking life more seriously.

Fast-forward seven years; I had finished my time in the military. Had a failed marriage, an ugly divorce, where people I loved tried to destroy my integrity, my character. Why, I am not sure? I do know that through faith and with my family by my side, I was able to overcome the adversity in my life. When I met my second wife, Lisa, life began to change for me. The birth of our three children, along with raising my oldest child consumed our lives. Like most young families, we faced our challenges but we never stopped believing in ourselves, in our ability to win at this game of life. Lisa led our family to Foundation Community Church; again, I was renewed, even baptized. We have watched our kids be saved. As I look back on our lives, I realize now that God was always there. Always watching us. In front, beside and behind. Never failing us, it was not us winning; it was He not letting us lose.

I am Don Manning, saved in a garage. Led to church by an amazing wife where our lives were forever changed. A proud member of Foundation Community Church. I know the impact that God has made on my life and I am excited to share my story and my thoughts with you through this Blog. I hope you will be inspired, be challenged and even touched. God Bless you, have an amazing day and if I can leave you today with one thought, let it be this. Fear, is limiting. God is limitless, with him, all things are possible. Do not limit the impact that you have because of fear.